Monday, June 22, 2015

After a nice run comes a set pace

I have been writing this blog for a good amount of time.
It had a purpose
And that purpose will be over in about three weeks.
We are in closing details for the sale of our house.
The couple purchasing it has a small idea of what they are getting for their money.
It works for all of us.
On the 17th of July my husband will be on his way here.
And we will begin the slow jog
To life in Delaware.

The name of this blog will change.
Toto, we are not in Kansas anymore.
The scope of the blog will change as well.
I plan on writing much more about retirement finances
And trips in the MidAtlantic states.

I haven't, yet, decided to just start with a whole new blog
I have had an inactive blog for many years.
That is where I may go.

I'll let you know!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Settling in for summer

The house has not sold
and that might not be a bad thing.
We have loads of wildlife that have moved in for summer!
Turtles, frogs, Cardinals, deer and turkey
are constant reminders of how close to the lake we live.

Scott has always loved this land.
We both have taken to the back deck again
and I am about to reenter the green house for some summer veggies.

We are going to live a split household for the summer.
It will be a good one- where ever we are!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

I don't tweet, but I do cook!

My friend is having a cook book give away.
Tomorrow is the last day to enter.

Ruth reviews some excellent books.
You should go and check her out.
on This That and the Other!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Unlike other places, my town does not have housing inventory flying off the shelf.
I think we are usually a year behind the curve.
And so we wait.

Waiting is not easy for me.
Waiting for a baby to be delivered.
Waiting for a child to be healed.
Waiting for a job situation to change.
Waiting for the perfect family for the house.

All of these are in "God's time"
that is what my Nana used to say.

And so I wait.

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

New life

The morning after a good spring rain
brings all of the colors
out from under the pollen yellow
or seed brown

 I can look out my front window
and see a sea of green
The second pasture
That was brown last week
is green with envy that the front lawns
got a head start.
Even outside my computer/laundry room window
the tips of the bushes are  New green

And if you look very carefully-
a touch of red
The Cardinal laid her eggs in the middle of the storm
in the shelter of the roof
and the chimney wall
and the bed of green

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

What if all of the boomers decide not to retire?
What will the younger generation do?

I was thinking about applying for a teaching position in my next city.


I am a very intense friend.
I tend to either be "all in" or "not involved".
This runs me into loads of problems.

For instance:
I am not the person of whom you ask
"What do you think of this situation?"
and expect to be done in a few minutes.
Looking at things from many angles
at times I appear not to even agree with my original opinion.
What is the historical perspective?
What is the cultural perspective?
Is there a perspective that is racial in background?

In my young days I was the kid on the block
who would sit around and ask questions.
Why do you use two sets of dishes? (Orthodox Jews)
Why do you carry a suit case to temple? (LDS members)
Why do you not have Jesus on YOUR cross? (Baptist)
How could I get such tight curls in my hair (African American)
Why do you have those things hanging from your mirror? (Hispanics)

Fortunately, most people were kind and answered the questions as best they could.
Growing up in Phoenix
I did not realize that most of the world lived segregated lives.
I certainly didn't.

But that did not prepare me for "real world socialization".
The assumption of mine was that everyone was comfortable in being different,
I asked those questions of anyone.
Needless to say,
I don't have a great many friends.
Those friends I do have
just laugh and shake their heads when the question and answer period begins.

It is what it is.
At 57 I am not interested in changing my ways
other conversations are SO boring!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The "I cannot sleep" edition- Food Banks

Yesterday I made another run to the Good Will in town.
I know, I know, most of my things will, most likely, end up somewhere in Asia.

For the last few years our goal has to spend a set amount of money each week
and purchase "loss leaders" for the food bank.
Normal things are: pasta, pasta sauce (not in glass),
canned, low sugared fruit
and cereal. Lately we have purchased lots of cereal.

Taking a gander at my bathroom cupboards several things popped out at me.
Those cool types of soap that never get used.
Shampoos that are opened, and closed because they don't work on my hair.
Individually wrapped maxi pads,
all those little tubes of toothpaste
that we get from the dentist (the toothbrushes as well),
neat chap stick that got purchased
and missed my lips.

In my regular pantry I found:
Dog food that my dogs don't like,
neat types of jelly that we never opened,
a few spices that we bought duplicates of,
and bisquick.

After Good Will I popped over to my local shelter.
With crazy things in hand
I almost did not ring the bell.
Still, what did it hurt to ask?
If they did not want it, I could throw things away.

The door whipped open
The boxes were unpacked in a whirl
and everything was claimed.

Really, I am sharing with you because
you too may want to go through your cupboards as well....

What will you find?