Monday, June 25, 2018

Dishing it out

The person who gave the sermon on Sunday
is from Somalia.
He, and his friends, had been living a horrific civil war
for many, many years.

He spoke well to the celebration of the birth of John the Baptist
uniting the old and new testaments.
He is an amazing homilist.

At the end of his talk, two seconds of his fifteen minutes,
he said one thing

"You are the United States.
You have forgotten what tearing each other apart does to a nation.
You need to sit, talk, think and solve.
We, the world, are depending on you."

Sunday, May 13, 2018

To all the women who were never "Mother"

To the Mothers out there
who do not have children attached to their immediate lives
but choose to be attached to those who need guidance
or even an extra hand
I'd like to say, "Happy Mother's Day"
You do so much for us
in so many ways.

I have been fortune over the years to be
close to a number of women who were never
biological or adoptive mothers.

First, my sister.
She chose to be childless
but she has always taken great care in helping to raise
the children of her community.
We appreciate that she gave a different perspective
of the world to our children
a solid, non judgmental perspective.

Being Catholic I was raised with
Sisters and Nuns and Mothers in my life.
(Yes, some who take the vow are Mothers).
When we were in Vietnam,
where religion was entirely repressed,
we were taken to a "convent".
A Sister ran a large orphanage for disabled children.
(The children she received who were not disabled
she quickly placed into homes.)
She was everyone  Mother.

She gave me one of the pillars of my life.
"It is the Mother who passes on faith and
religion and the ability to love beyond the family/"
The most Motherly words I have ever heard
and keep with me today.

There are many Nuns in my heritage.
They were doctors, running large insane asylums,
they were "do gooders" who cared for children on the street,
they ran homes for the aged,
and, it always seemed
when their own fathers outlived their own mothers,
they took care of their fathers (and unmarried uncles)
in houses next to the convent.

My own father's mother died when he was a baby.
He went to boarding school the minute he was able.
The Sisters who ran it took complete care for him
since his father seemed always on the road- even during the holydays.
Those women were his mother.

And, of course, Happy Mother's Day to my own Mother,
My sister, sisters in law, daughter, daughter in law, numerous nieces and nieces in law.
You all are,,,,there are no words.

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Is a house a home? Pt 1

My memories of where I grew up are all on one street.
Palmaire, in Phoenix
My dad designed and built the house.
A new subdivision for the solidly middle class
Doctors, lawyers, school administrators, a rabbi and a few business owners
families would enjoy together through long summer nights.
Kids would play in the orange grove at the end of the block
or catch crawdads that came in with the irrigation.

We were all a part of the summer migration
to San Diego
in July.
I think almost all of us stayed in a 2 mile radius of each other there.

Idyllic in many ways.
No real crime to worry about
Certainly no abductions.
Dads went to work and moms went to play tennis
once the youngest started school.

I lived in the same room with my sister for 18 years.
Wall of butterfly fabric
White triple dresser
two white twin beds.
Family bathroom that was shared by the five kids.
Five kids, ten years from oldest to youngest.

The house was used by all of us.
Yes, we broke a few of the precious things in the formal living room.
We had dance parties in the wooden floored den.
We played on the pool table and swam in the pool.
We snuck out of the huge bedroom windows.
We climbed the side tree.
We rode our bikes to school when we missed our carpool.
Or took the city bus and walked the last mile.

Home was a place to be.

One street
One house
One city
for 18 years.
It was the place to come back to for the next ten years.

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Found Money

You know those friendly blog reminders to look for found money?
What the heck, might as well log on.

A state that we never lived in had a flag on it for me.
It did not have a sum
but it did have a telephone number.

Called it.
The young man on the other end explained that
 I, in fact, did have "unclaimed money" in the state coffers.
I asked him to look at the amount and tell me whether he would apply for it.
He did not hesitate.
Yup. Well worth doing the documentation for.

There were several hoops to jump through.
Fortunately, I had already suffered getting every piece of documentation
that existed to prove that I was a citizen in order to get a Delaware driver's license.
All of that paperwork was close by. Off it went in the mail.

It arrived today, ten weeks later.
Twenty five years ago my grandfather left me shares in a company.
It paid a quarterly dividend.
That company is long gone,
but there were two dividend checks that could not find me in 1996.
We moved in early 1996 home from Saudi.

For some reason they ended up in Maryland.
Maybe that is where all overseas service member undeliverable mail goes to die.
Maryland cashed the checks for me and used a part of the interest.

Maryland should not be in debt!
The check that I received was a bit over 10X the original amount
and that is the part "I" made off of the money.
Good job Maryland!

The check is not mind blowing
except the shock that it even existed.
It will not change my life
but it will be nice to do some things I have put on the back burner.
And I already put the taxes that I will need to pay on it in a savings account.
WOOOO HOOO! Found money!
Now, go log onto that website.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Finances 101 for our retirement

Currently we live on my husband's pension and social security.
It is frugal, but comfortable, living.
Actually, it is more money then we lived on when we were a one income household years ago.
We will be taking his IRA distributions beginning in a few years.
Fortunately, we rolled most of his IRA to a Roth.
I wish we had done more before his SS kicked in.
If we do it now, he will lose more SS.

Our current savings mix:
35% stocks
 4%  bonds
61% other

Our cash is spread all over the place.

We have one stock fund through the government.
The rest of our stocks are in specific companies.
We choose companies that we use their product:
Walmart, Costco, Apple, Amazon, Caterpillar....
and have, at least, 20 shares of each.
I wish our local farmer's market had stock shares to purchase!

We are in the "help the grandchildren with education and experiences" camp
over the "save money for our children's retirement (inheritance)" camp.
We do not plan to have enough money to do both.

Most of our travel money is consumed by traveling to see my mother in Phoenix.
Our trip overseas has been put on hold.
Really, neither of us are wild about overseas travel- BTDT.
We love the States and have lots to see here.

Grandchild #6 due at the beginning of the summer.
We have set aside a month for "resettling".

We are going ahead with the remodel of the bathroom.

Financial balance is a good topic at our dinner table these days.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Sometimes I need a reference point.

Here is a great article 
about retirement income
that helped me understand where we stood.
What is the Average Retirement Income 2017 (Mean)?
 What is the Median Retirement Income 2017?
As you can see in the table below, 
median income is always lower and 
is probably closer to the reality for most households of retirement age.
You may have also noticed that 
average retirement income 2017 
varies significantly by the age of the head of household.
  Household incomes decline the older they become.
                          Median Income.  Mean Income

Households Aged 55-64     $62,802.     $89,986

Households Aged 65-74:    $47,432.     $68,905

Households Aged 75 &up   $30,635.     $45,989

SOURCE: Data is summarized from the US Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey(CPS) Annual Social and Economic (ASEC) Supplement.  The CPS is a joint effort between the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Census Bureau.

Don't forget
Mean is all of the incomes added divided by the number of people.
($10,000,000 / 100people would be  $100,000 mean income)

Medium is the middle point of the set
100 people  have incomes from $15,000 to $300,000.
Put everyone on a line and pick the middle person's income.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

First "Dump" cake

My apple pie filling was more then a year old
and needed to be used.
Had a devils food cake mix
that was begging to be baked.

Spray the pan
dump in the apple pie filling (I make my own)
dump in the cake mix
drizzle 3/4 cup of melted butter
and bake for an hour at 350.

It smelled heavenly.
The reviews will be in tomorrow.
Sorry, forgot the picture before taking it to the crowd!

Slow, Slow, Quick

Things are speeding up.
Spend yesterday at the Walk for Life.
Just me and about 500,000 of my friends.
It took me about thirty minuted to move from the mall
to Constitution Avenue
so we could march.
Crowded, but friendly!

I met an amazing woman lawyer from Cameroon.
We went through every topic in the book
from the Mexico agreement and how it affected her country
to the refugee status and borders.
We talked a very long time about the difference between
refugee and illegal immigrants.
It was enlightening from a different perspective.
We did have different perspectives,
since I grew up in the Southwest and
was a bit more familiar with the plight of the southern border people.
We solved nothing,
Exchanged numbers.
My hope is that I can help her help others.

And then, together, we joined the largest Human Rights march in the US.

Got home in time to field a call
for more food for the shelter nearby.
Cooked up a ton of pasta from my shelves
and delivered lunch today.
My coats from Black Friday are long gone
but socks are still on sale (if you need ideas for your shelter).

Spent some time discussing the implications of
the government shut down with my son.
He is a professor at a military academy.
It simply means he will be teaching more classes
and the cadets will spend more time cleaning their own spaces.
He will get paid sometime, but he loves his vocation.
Always a smile on that kid's lips.
How is it that our children are always kids- even after their 20's?

Getting ready to help my mother pull all of her electronics out
and connect them up.
What a mess!
Still, if I am that interested in the newest technology in my late 80's
that would be great!
We also are working on her giving up her car
and selling her vacation home.
Tall orders for the next few weeks.

February should slow, if the weather changes.
Hoping the weather changes.

I know that some of you reading are not on the same page as me politically.
No one I know is on that page :)
You have no idea, in general, where I am
but I am glad you are here.
Differing opinions on things is how our country works best.