Saturday, March 28, 2015

Scrubbing our way to a new house

How many items in and around your house can you scrub?
Here was our list today:
Front door
Front door screen (scrubbed and painted)
Two bathroom floors
Fireplace mantle- stubborn wax!
Three vases and five plant pots
Garage Floor
Barn floor
Barn shower
Barn sink (afraid of barn toilet)!
Window seal (scrubbed and painted)
Rags (need to clean and start again)
Windows (that have not been cleaned since we moved in)
Cupboards (and then apply orange seal- wonderful)
File cabinet
Dog pen

We are pooped!

Friday, March 27, 2015

I forgot the "before" pictures! or Cleaning is driving me crazy

This month of cleaning has done two things to me:
1) I am throwing and giving away more things then I thought I owned.
2) I am becoming OCD.

Good Will now knows me by name.
There are people who watch Craigs List
 just to find out what we are getting rid of today.
My local pantry asks me questions about the spices I bring
and my kids no longer answer the,
"Do you want this?" question.

The OCD is a whole other thing
I suppress my inner need for perfect
It is important to my happiness
I hate things messy and out of place.
BUT it is better for them to be out of place then
driving myself and others crazy to keep them in place.

Having a front door screen missing paint
or chips on the back door
Wires from the ceiling,
Lack of curtains,
unkept beds,
pans handles not going the same way,
dust on the floor of the closet,
They all drive me wild
so I have spent many years ignoring.

All these things have come to light now that we are cleaning.
Guess what? I am enjoying the cleaning experience
and have every intension of keeping my new house
much more "up to snuff".

If you know anyone in need of a small horse ranch
in the middle of God's country
ours is almost ready
with the exception of the small missing piece of plastic
on the front of the green house.
Where IS that thing?

Next time- just pictures!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Moving cannot be put into words.

 We started our move by looking out the window.
Leaving such beauty is either wise or silly.
Some days it feels like both.
We love our Kansas home and property.
 Moving includes packing things that should never have to be packed
This art piece is 5feet by 7 feet.
My husband built a crate.
We must be mad to do this.
 You have to eliminate things.
Some are easy- others you have to think about a great deal.
Will we need this car seat for a visiting child in the future?
What will car seats look like when that child actually visits?
And then there is the actual physical moving of stuff.
Don't ask me how my husband does it.
No way.
If it were up to me the next house would be empty.
But he does it.
I am exhausted thinking about him moving it!
We plan on driving the 1200 miles at least seven times.
Of course I would choose the one week that the snow was so cold
that it froze my windshield wiper fluid.
And now the staging.
Yes, we did what every financial person in the world tells you not to do
We bought our new house before putting our current house on the market.
While my husband is moving in furniture in Delaware
I am moving around much less furniture in Kansas.

There are no words that describe moving.
It is an end and a beginning.
For us, the time has come to be closer to one of our two children and their families.
But leaving Kansas,
It is not for the weak of heart!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Getting a drivers license is not for the poor or women!

I went to get my new driver's license in Delaware.
Along with the taking off of shoes for boarding a plane there is now
 federal standard for drivers license.
Most people are not affected by the changes.
They live in the same state all of their lives.
Or they choose not to change their license when they move (which is illegal).

I started my journey by looking at the website.
Easiest proof of my existence was my passport.
I have held three different types of passports in my life
Tourist, Official and Diplomatic.
All of them have expired.

What was needed was my actual birth certificate- not a photocopy.
Mine was in Kansas
and mailing it to Delaware did not seem safe.
So I called Arizona.
Yup, I could download the form (off to the library $2, no printer in Delaware),
Send it in with $35 and a stamped envelope.
The assumption that people even have checking accounts was pretty laughable.
One could pay a few dollars more and "charge it".
Three weeks later it appeared.

I showed up at the license place bright and early.
I had my $40 in hand- cash.
My number was pretty high,
but the shop is efficient and
the people are pleasant in Dover.

I had my current Kansas license, my social security card and my birth certificate.
I also had my proof that I had a house in Delaware.
Those were the things most obvious on the website.

Called up.
My heart was thumping.
Why is it that I am always nervous when encountering officials.

I handed over my "stuff".
"Where is your marriage license?"
Blink, blink.
"My marriage license? Why?"
"That is when you changed your name, correct?"
Well, I didn't have one.
"Don't forget. It cannot be a photocopy and cannot be a Church document.
It has to be the original.
if you have ever been divorced
you need to provide your marriage certificates
and divorce papers from each name change."
I know I was acting like a deer in headlights.
Mostly because IF I still had our marriage license
it was in Kanas,
not Delaware.

Back on the phone with Arizona (at least I got married in my "home state")
No one quite knew where the marriage licenses were "stored".
After five or six calls
I got the Superior court of my home county.
"Yes, we can get you a copy. It is on microfiche."
(Does anyone have that technology anymore?)
It will take two weeks for finding it and a week to process it.
That will be $45.

I have to say-
the people in Arizona bureaucracy
 are just as nice as the people in Delaware.

While on the phone with this nice woman
I explained why I needed it.
She said she had gotten a huge increase in requests.
Then she paused.
"Didn't that law just come into effect in January?"
Well, not in Washington State though….
She said they would have to look into hiring more people since she also handled divorce decrees.

Three more weeks, seventy five dollars and I finally had all of the paperwork.
Not one thing had my picture or finger print on it
identifying me as the person on the paperwork.
But, it was all "perfect".

The man behind the counter said,
"Yes, this new process is crazy"
"You should have seen the flustered lady yesterday
who could not get ahold of one of her divorce decrees".
He had told her to just go get a passport.
It was cheaper and took less time.


If you are a man, this process is simple.
You just need a birth certificate and a SS card.

But women----just get a passport first!
It is "only $100" and then the license is just $40.

Gosh, how do the poor do it?
and how many women have boarded planes
to do harm?
This is really a sexist policy!

Check out the regs for yourself.


January was spent in Delaware.
I learned a great deal about where we have chosen as our next home.

Our house is very close to The St Jones River.
In fact we have a small tributary in our back yard.
Fortunately our house is built up on a mound or we would be flooded.
The rain comes hard and fast near the seacoast.
And my husband was probably right and we should not have a basement.
It is what it is.

The river becomes quite wide about two miles from my house.
The Air Force has kayaks to rent. We may take the sport up again.
Three miles from my home is the Dickenson Plantation.
He would not sign the Declaration of Independence, but did sign the Constitution.
The house is a "working colonial far" in the summer.
Looks like a great place for some volunteer time.

The Air Mobility Museum has loads of aircraft.
The grands came one day and we played inside for hours.
It is an "old male warriors' club" though.
So if you are a woman and get in the simulator----you will crash.

The best is last.
For the first time in my life sea food is easily accessible and well prepared.
The only thing put in this seafood case are items caught locally.
Fresh seafood.
I am in heaven.

I spent seven weeks in our new house.
The feeling is overwhelming that we have made a good choice.
Even if our children move away, I think this is a much better choice for our old age.
I will join the blue haired ladies at the commissary on Tuesdays.
No problem!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Roe v Wade

Let the discussion continue.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Moving is both a joy and a challenge

 For ten years we have enjoyed Kansas .

There are spectacular parts of nature to be loved there.

Our windows were open to beauty.

A new bridge has come to our lives

Colors will be different

And views are different

Slowly boxes been unpacked
I have learned about fish markets, 
Orchards, plantations, marshes.
Today I registered at a church.
I've been here for a month.
The Church has many outreach programs that I have long admired.
Samaritan purse, prison ministry, Habitat, food panty, food kitchen.
I have spent the last three years on the sideline.
My husband, children and grandchildren are a source of future
Making my way back 
Back to service.
I am excited.