Sunday, January 22, 2006

Parking lot

At our Fort there is a large parking lot by the commersary (grocery store for those of you who do not know military terms). For the last year the parking lot has been full- overflowing in fact.Then,about two weeks ago, it seemed to have fewer cars.
Today I went to get some milk and the parking lot has about 1/2 the cars that it used to have.
You see, the parking lot is where the soldiers park before leaving for Iraq. It helps them save money and reminds me to pray for them while they are deployed. About half of the Fort Riley soldiers are back now- with more on their way home in the next month.
When the parking lot is nearly empty, I will be relieved. "Our" year long posting to Iraq will be almost over.
My prayers for soldiers will continue. I know that the soldiers on this post stand guard all over the world and the parking lot will always be a reminder that one of them needs my prayers that minute.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

This House

Today we begin redirecting the house that we moved into in May. We removed the entry way 8 foot mirrors before we moved in one piece of furniture. That helped. Scott removed the hideous wall paper in the rest of the entry way next. The roses and purples almost made my stomach turn every time I walked in.
Now for the color.... Something neutral seems to be on the agenda. We have lived in rented houses for so long I think we have gotten used to no color on the walls. We instead purchased wild ethnic art wherever we lived and used those for the color. Would something more lively be in order for a house we plan to live in the rest of our lives?
For the rest of our lives- that sounds WAY to long!

Sunday, January 08, 2006


Tomorrow my oldest and dearest will travel to Kansas City to join the Air Force. This has been a LONG journey- several years to be exact. If she had joined when she first considered it- she would be almost out right now.
Now is a good time for her to go though. The war is winding down. The need for her skills are still high. And she has traveled just about every alternative road that was open to her. Her dad and I basically pushed her to this decision, but we both think it will be best for her in the long run.
I have been doing the laundry all day, cleaning the house, sort of getting ready. I am very nervous about her leaving. It is a passage of sorts. When she was away at college I knew she would be home at every available break. This time she will not be home for a year.
Life will really change for me.
I will miss her tremendously.
Still, I will encourage her with everything I have. I love her and want only the best for her. Growing up will provide that stage to develop into the wonderful human being that she already is.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

First Days

Returning to school after a long break make my stomach queasy. The anticipation of student expectation. They have been gone so long- they actually await the start of the day. Their hope seems to be that they will understand more this time and school will be "fun".
I pray for each of my students as I return. My prayer is that I will find a way to help that light inside shine even brighter through the dark winter months.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Sky Blue

Until I visited Alaska I never really understood that a sky can be the "sky blue" in the crayon box. There I was stuck in a place between Fairbanks and Palmer looking at the sky. It was blue, but not regular blue. I lived in Northern Arizona. I know what "blue sky" looks like. But there I was seeing, for the first time, "sky blue". What an amazing color. It is actually exhilarating. Think of a whipped blue as pale as it can get and then suddenly a splash of dark blue thrown in.
It was actually warming a day that was probably about -10.

I thought, after my trips to Alaska ceased, I would never experience that color again. I think it was just so unpolluted there I could see the REAL "sky blue". I was to be surprised.

Yesterday I was out walking on our small farm- and there it was- "sky blue". I have not lived in Kansas this time very long, but I have already come to appreciate the many things that brought us back here after 15 years away. The geese gathering to fly south, the kids bounding up our drive to see if the sledding hill was ready, the sunset out my kitchen window and now "sky blue". Moving back to Kansas was a good move.