Sunday, January 22, 2006

Parking lot

At our Fort there is a large parking lot by the commersary (grocery store for those of you who do not know military terms). For the last year the parking lot has been full- overflowing in fact.Then,about two weeks ago, it seemed to have fewer cars.
Today I went to get some milk and the parking lot has about 1/2 the cars that it used to have.
You see, the parking lot is where the soldiers park before leaving for Iraq. It helps them save money and reminds me to pray for them while they are deployed. About half of the Fort Riley soldiers are back now- with more on their way home in the next month.
When the parking lot is nearly empty, I will be relieved. "Our" year long posting to Iraq will be almost over.
My prayers for soldiers will continue. I know that the soldiers on this post stand guard all over the world and the parking lot will always be a reminder that one of them needs my prayers that minute.

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