Saturday, January 14, 2006

This House

Today we begin redirecting the house that we moved into in May. We removed the entry way 8 foot mirrors before we moved in one piece of furniture. That helped. Scott removed the hideous wall paper in the rest of the entry way next. The roses and purples almost made my stomach turn every time I walked in.
Now for the color.... Something neutral seems to be on the agenda. We have lived in rented houses for so long I think we have gotten used to no color on the walls. We instead purchased wild ethnic art wherever we lived and used those for the color. Would something more lively be in order for a house we plan to live in the rest of our lives?
For the rest of our lives- that sounds WAY to long!


desert native said...
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desert native said...

instead of "the rest of your life" perhaps you could look at your choice lasting as long as you like it... like a week - or a year - whatever you have the time and energy to endure or rather enjoy it... I recently tried a new color in my master bedroom - that only lasted for a day - even with my limited energy! My new approach will be to try it on a patch at a time.

...well, I always painted places that I rented too - hummm