Saturday, September 23, 2006


Our daughter is getting married in three months. She seems level headed and the young man who is her intended sounds like he has thought out his life a bit. And so we begin to plan.
How did they become so complicated?
My grandparents got married in the basement of the Catholic Church and left for their honeymoon shortly after- at three in the morning.
My daughter is coming to Kansas for the wedding. I am hoping that most of his family and ours will be able to come. The wedding itself at a beautiful little chapel. A dinner at a local restaurant after the ceremony and then a barn dance- simple. But it isn't elegant....And I worry that is not what she wants.
Hummmm- lots of plans to be made. Food to be purchased, place settings to be chosen....planning.

Friday, September 22, 2006


Have I made a difference this week?
I try to ask myself that on a weekly basis.
I am not doing anything "big" with my life right now- just living. I haven't gotten involved with my Church in my new community. I haven't gotten into any social work per say.
I have stayed home a great deal. Listening and talking to family. That seems important. I have listened and talked to many students as well. They have listened and talked back.
I think what I am doing right now is important. I did get a hint that I could go back to my old job. Heck, the money is better and I do miss the travel.
No, I have done something important this week. I have been there for my husband, family, friends and a student or two. Not saving the world anytime soon- but working on it one piece at a time.
Missing the community involvement a great deal.....hummm after James graduates.

Sunday, September 10, 2006


As both of our children approach marriage at the same time- I ponder what to say. What did our parents say? Not much. The doubts that were expressed were worries only for a second to me. My mother went on about the five things that Father so and so told her- but did she follow those herself? I don't think so. Neither did I- but we are both still married....
What does it take to be married in this day and age? The willingness to put your friendship above all else is huge. The willingness to make a painful decision jointly- and then stick to it. The willingness to lead, follow and, sometimes, sit to the side.
Our marriage grows stronger daily here in Kansas. Being in a space that nurtures our need for green and area. I love it here. I can see growing old here.
So, I will continue to ponder what to say- but know that I can say nothing that their hearts have not heard before. Marry a friend and stay committed.