Friday, September 22, 2006


Have I made a difference this week?
I try to ask myself that on a weekly basis.
I am not doing anything "big" with my life right now- just living. I haven't gotten involved with my Church in my new community. I haven't gotten into any social work per say.
I have stayed home a great deal. Listening and talking to family. That seems important. I have listened and talked to many students as well. They have listened and talked back.
I think what I am doing right now is important. I did get a hint that I could go back to my old job. Heck, the money is better and I do miss the travel.
No, I have done something important this week. I have been there for my husband, family, friends and a student or two. Not saving the world anytime soon- but working on it one piece at a time.
Missing the community involvement a great deal.....hummm after James graduates.

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