Saturday, September 23, 2006


Our daughter is getting married in three months. She seems level headed and the young man who is her intended sounds like he has thought out his life a bit. And so we begin to plan.
How did they become so complicated?
My grandparents got married in the basement of the Catholic Church and left for their honeymoon shortly after- at three in the morning.
My daughter is coming to Kansas for the wedding. I am hoping that most of his family and ours will be able to come. The wedding itself at a beautiful little chapel. A dinner at a local restaurant after the ceremony and then a barn dance- simple. But it isn't elegant....And I worry that is not what she wants.
Hummmm- lots of plans to be made. Food to be purchased, place settings to be chosen....planning.

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Renee said...

I think the barn dance sounds like a lot of fun and so appropriate to rural Kansas.....
I think what your dd probably wants most is to be married to the one she loves.....