Friday, October 27, 2006


Sometimes the sadness is overwhelming. I cry at the drop of a name or the thought of a person. An action. A word. A movement.
Still, I feel with intensity the caring for the children I work with. What does it matter that Jerry does not bring a book in the grand scheme of things? What matters is that he is absorbing the nourishment of the wash of material that encompasses the classroom.
I just want to take them all with me. And yet, leave them behind. There is so much we can cure with simple understanding and so much we can hurt with impatience.

May their souls rest in peace- Sue, Ron and Paul. I pray that our Loving Lord takes them into His arms and gives them a peace that they never had here on the earth.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Yellow and Red

The leaves are turning. The seasons change in Kansas. I look out the window to see the chicks, who learned to fly off of our walls, are big enough to be demanding more corn so they are plump for winter. We have moved into the next phase of planning for the wedding. The invitations arrived yesterday and were addressed by last night. Reservations are made, dress picked, family coming, it will be a great celebration of a new commitment. A new season is definitely here
in Kansas.

Thursday, October 19, 2006


I am tired. Scott's brother passed away last week. We went to Michigan to attend his funeral, but arrived in time to join the family in trying to wake Ron's wife from a comma caused by a heart attack. When I returned from the long weekend I told a small group of students what had happened (something I rarely do). One of the ones who rarely seems sympathetic said, "You mean she is dying from a broken heart?" He was correct. Ron and Sue were so close- a broken heart is what she is leaving us with. But she is strong- and she may decide to let her heart heal. Tough weekend.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Airman and Marine

There they are in military dress. The love birds ready for the ball and work and whatever life throws their way.

Soon enough my two, soon enough.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

He is so strong and handsome in his uniform. Leading. Caring. Struggling. Being. My son is left of the flag. He is a company commander at West Point this semester. He works with command decisions while trying to figure out what to do with his life after West Point. I am inspired by his work ethic. I pray that he survives his major. More than that, I pray that he survives the next few years. The world does seem sooo out of control. Both of our children have chosen to serve. It is difficult to watch at times- to watch them turn away from their childhood into their adulthood. But they do it with style.

How complicated can it get?

Knowing that most people do not feel that Kansas is on the road to anywhere
and that I have not been comfortable enough at "my parish" to join
and that the rules sometimes get in the way of Sacrament in the Catholic Church
and that the military works on it's own time clock....
The plans continue.
So far, we have the Church- but Jen is not secure in the marriage prep.
We have the reception, but few guests.
We have the cake decorator, but no idea what it will look or taste like.
We have the music for the reception, but not the Church.
Heck, this would have been easier in Hawaii- at least I know the place well.
The good side is that Kansas is BEAUTIFUL in the winter. I love the whisper of the limbs as they touch in the cold air. The river is beautiful as it rambles under the small pieces of ice. The streets are decorated- but not in a commercial sense.
You can really get away from the mess here.
We will cut our Christmas trees ourselves and decorate them for the arrival of our children.
The flowers will be in the pots outside the door to greet them.
I hope for snow- it is SO beautiful.
Yes, This is the best place for my daughter to marry. A warm fire, close family and the blue Kansas sky!