Sunday, October 08, 2006

How complicated can it get?

Knowing that most people do not feel that Kansas is on the road to anywhere
and that I have not been comfortable enough at "my parish" to join
and that the rules sometimes get in the way of Sacrament in the Catholic Church
and that the military works on it's own time clock....
The plans continue.
So far, we have the Church- but Jen is not secure in the marriage prep.
We have the reception, but few guests.
We have the cake decorator, but no idea what it will look or taste like.
We have the music for the reception, but not the Church.
Heck, this would have been easier in Hawaii- at least I know the place well.
The good side is that Kansas is BEAUTIFUL in the winter. I love the whisper of the limbs as they touch in the cold air. The river is beautiful as it rambles under the small pieces of ice. The streets are decorated- but not in a commercial sense.
You can really get away from the mess here.
We will cut our Christmas trees ourselves and decorate them for the arrival of our children.
The flowers will be in the pots outside the door to greet them.
I hope for snow- it is SO beautiful.
Yes, This is the best place for my daughter to marry. A warm fire, close family and the blue Kansas sky!

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Renee said...

If your dd likes chocolate go for a chocolate cake "hidden" in white frosting... I never regretted having a non-tradition wedding cake.