Wednesday, November 15, 2006


To lose a parent- what does that mean? The mentoring is lost and now I have to just remember what my dad would have said so I can share his wisdom with my children and grandchildren. Some of the things my dad taught me: work with the poor but never pity them, for it is through your strength that they will be able to work their way through their situation. Listen to wise people who share the word of the Lord with you. They may fall in society's eyes- but the Lord will use them anyway - for his own purposes. Support good causes that have a hands on affect. Pray without ceasing. Love your family- even if they don't understand sometimes. Write out your thoughts - read them and write them again- I am not good at the second part of that. Ask, but quietly. Expect others to do their part- but don't depend on it. Definately do YOUR part. Practice something a hundred times if you are going to read aloud- especailly the Word of God. Bring beauty to everyplace you are - plant roses. Go fishing. Take the time and go on a retreat. Love the unlovable

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I drive around the corner and down the drive and I am home. Sometimes the turkeys spread in front of me. Often Scott lets the dogs out the door to greet me. For the first time in my life, I feel at home in this place. It is not that the house is exceptional. The ground is not sacred. But in the morning, I look out the front window and just feel the peace of this place. There is no corner that I do not feel welcome, or gully that does not call me. Home is a space in my heart that has always had a bit of a sense of fear- but there is no fear here. What is it about the sky blue and particular morning pinks that just say, "this is where you belong- home".... Maybe it is time to get out my art again and play with the colors I remember loving as a very young child with my dad and Nana.