Monday, December 25, 2006


How did it get to be Christmas so quickly?
Last night we did the dinner and mass and then the bride and groom zipped off to meet his family......They were nervous. Jen must of made a good impression since she is coming home with a different color nail- painted by Ryan's young sister. I don't know how I feel- like I am in the eye of a tornado. James is here and relaxing- actually getting antsie. It is really quiet- but that is why we like it here- but without a car a twenty year old gets hemmed in..... Scott had to go into the office- Jen has the other car----so here we are- just chatting and making our way though a quiet Christmas. Tomorrow the "fun begins"!

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Renee said...

Drats.. I was hoping that you'd be super mom :) and that I would wake up this morning to find wedding pics..... I hope the day was lovely and all was peaceful... can't wait to see pics