Sunday, December 03, 2006

It is close

We are one month away from the wedding. I went out and met Ryan(or Brandon depending on who you talk to). He is a sweet and loving young man- and a Marine. Midwestern to the core- careful to tiptoe when Jen's mom is unhappy.
It was fun to take Cathy's box out to them. I had them open it above the field overlooking the ocean- the place he asked her to marry him. What a beautiful day. As they went through the things excitement grew- "what is that? What is it for? Ohhhh smoothies- I like that one!" They are just comfortable with each other- so good to see. And now on to the wedding- enough flowers, and dress and cake and toppings....just a time to be together with their families. It is so wonderful that they WANT to share.


Renee said...

tee hee... so the young man marrying your dd has aliases???

tee hee.....

so does she call him Ryan, Brandon or maybe Bryan

Janette said...

LOL-no idea- I think we are going for his last name to be sure:>)