Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Parking Lot is Filling Again

Last January I wrote that the parking lot across from the Commersary was almost empty. Now it is filling once again. The fort will deploy over 2,000 soldiers in the next four months. We only had 500 out when I wrote last January. I am afraid for the soldiers and their families. It is such a stressful time- especially the first and last months of deployment. Scott's job increases so quickly and the nights become times to talk to commanders in Kuwait instead of sleep. My students become overly restless. We all know someone deployed or deploying. It is a time for deep prayer and hope that we will have as many as possible return safely. Knowing that both of mine (all three with the addition of Ryan) are about ready to be at the stage of deployment stomach is quite upset. I think I will take many pictures in the next few months- the eagles overhead, the bare trees and the crunching leaves. The quiet is everything. They all remind me that life continues for us in Kansas.

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