Saturday, January 20, 2007


We started with about ten turkeys visiting us on a semi daily basis when we moved in. Later in the summer three hens taught their chicks how to fly off the wall in front of the picture window. For those of you who, like me, did not know that turkeys fly...They do! The herd continues to grow by the month. We have had some frigid weather in the past week. We saw one look out turkey in a tree (covered in ice- but still on guard). The rest seemed to be hanging out somewhere else. Today we looked out to spy, not the normal 50 that we have counted lately----but 72 turkeys making their way to where the corn normally is! Scott has not put out corn for a week- but went out with a bucket to feed today. They walked away- a few being brave enough to come up to grab a piece. Turkeys- just another part of living in a safe place- here in God's country- Kansas.

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desert native said...

I love the picture of the turkeys at your window. - especially now that I know where that window is and have seen it in person! Who knew! Hugs, Cath