Sunday, January 07, 2007

The week after

It is quiet in the house. All of the guests are gone. Scott is watching the games and I am reading. The snow is gone- with the guests. The weather is chilly, but not really cold. It is time to look at out the front window and just ponder at how beautiful it is here. The dogs often get me up before dawn and I am fortunate to see the sun streak the sky with reds and pinks and oranges. The turkeys come in the morning for food, the big toms first and then the hens. They play and chase each other in the yard- waiting for Scott to return to the spot with corn.
It is so peaceful here- just life off the road. We touch base with our three- who are living in the fast lane. I appreciate what they are doing, but do not desire it for myself. I am a bit lonely for children at the house- but I have more time for God and turkeys.
It is our home- Kansas.

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