Monday, March 19, 2007

Fast Forward

Jennifer came home for a few days. She looks good- thin- but you can see the baby coming! She has a relaxed way about her. She is simply comfortable.There is a different tone in her voice. She is excited to talk to Ryan. But she speaks to me with a bit more ....authority. Scott and I both attempted to get her to go baby shopping- she is just "not there yet". :>) We wonder when it will hit.
Jennifer will need help if she and Ryan are both staying in the military. I am afraid that she will opt out of the military to stay home with the baby (what I probably would have done). Instead we are encouraging her to stay in and finish her enlistment. This will enable her to finish college in three years and have many more options for her future.
Scott is good with kids (although I am better). My job is fantastic. Scott's has burned him out. So what to do?
Scott is going to move to Maryland for the first six months that our grandbabby needs day care. This will give the support that we think will enable Jen to "Airman on" and Ryan to "Marine on". I'll be busy earning the extra pay to help us in this endeavor. LOTS of people think we are crazy. My opinion- what is MORE important than our child and grandchild?
This should be interesting (my kids say that I say that a lot these days).