Sunday, September 30, 2007

Here he is- Nicholas Ryan has arrived. He is beautiful and already has a big personality. This pic is when he was 45 minutes old- calm and enjoying the sun light. He only gets upset when you take all of his clothes off. I do that so he can really get upset enough to latch on and feed like crazy. Yup- I am the mean nana- which makes Jen the loving mommy. What a joy to have Nicholas join us- especially the day before I turn 50!
It is amazing how God provides for his youngest!

Friday, September 28, 2007


Roses do not normally bloom this time of year in Kansas.
There is a large, old rose bush outside our front door. The thought of cutting it down crossed my mind this summer since the limbs seem scattered and brown. Resisting the urge, pruning instead, it lay dormant for a period of time.
About two weeks ago blooms began to appear.
Monday- after Ryan arrived at our house to be with his bride of nine months for the birth of his son- a shoot about four feet tall produced the most perfect pink rose I have yet to see. It is slowly unfolding.
It has a perfect stem to be cut.
Below it there are a half dozen roses ready to explode- but they seem to be waiting.
Both my dad and Scott's dad were gardeners. I have no doubt that God has permitted them to be a part of their great grand son's life by providing their grand daughter with a perfect rose for her delivery room and a set of roses for her return to their temporary home- our house.

Full circle

A year ago I was getting ready to fly home to see my dad for the last time. My heart was tremendously heavy. People at school were compassionate- especially the office staff. I was crying at the drop of the hat. I had already flown out to be at the hosptial after my brother in law passed- Ron and soon his wife would pass as well. The school year had started with losing Paul- and that entire section of life seemed to close.
And then the funeral
Suddenly a shower in Monterey- is Jen really getting married?
Then the wedding- in all of its beauty and love
And now- our baby Nicholas will arrive- probably today!
The circle of death and life- amazing stuff.