Friday, October 26, 2007

Spiders spin

I never really understood the significance of spider webs during Halloween time. Were they not there all year long?
Here in Kansas- especially at my house by the dry creek bed- where turkeys roam freely and deer trim the grass, spiders really gear up this time of year. The webs are huge. Spun at dusk they often reach from the gutter on the house to the sidewalk below. My favorite spider spins one every night in front of the kitchen window. The kitchen light is on all night to light our path in the very dark night. The spider understood that our light, the only one for a football field of area, draws insects from everywhere.
And so she spins.
And we watch her catch things and spin around those things and let them drop to the sidewalk.
And in the morning- she and the web are GONE!
About dawn I went out to see what happens. She was taking the web in- conserving silk- so she could make another web another ghoulish evening!

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