Thursday, October 11, 2007

Two weeks ago

Two weeks ago I was preparing for a substitute. My daughter was getting ready- taking a shower, attempting her last good night sleep, chatting about how things would change. Change they would- I am glad we had the opportunity to give her a restful beginning to this long journey called parenthood.

Our son in law had arrived a week before. He had slowly settled into a routine and seemed to relax with this second set of people- parents in law- heck I don't know what he thinks of us. He tolerates our words. I am sure he is ready to spring forth and get the heck away from us:>) but he survives.

And then Nicholas- hard to believe that in two days he will be two weeks old! He is an amazing baby. Crying only when being changed or hungry. Beside his parents, he settles down best with Scott. Scott is amazingly tender with this dear child. He lays with him for hours on his chest- chatting and playing. I remember him doing the same with ours when they were little- but he had much less time then.

I am the changer, hugger and mover. Nicholas settles into my arms- but I know that I am restless- just my nature. He will see much more of me when we begin to explore together....that might have started the other day when we took this picture.
Ah- my job is to show Nicholas what wonders are in store for him- as he looks around
discovers his world.

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