Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sometimes I forget.

I get busy and life is not always easy. Right now I am struggling with personnel at school and that is always difficult for me.

But then God sends me a bit of a lightness.

Today's was logging on to my daughter's blog and seeing this:
Yes, that is my 8 week old Grandson! He learned how to roll over yesterday and is VERY happy with himself!

Hitting the ground running

The last few weeks of stock market crashing has put me in a bit of a tizzy. I am so upset at the people who took out stupid loans I could spit. How could anyone think that a house that was worth $250,000 one day- be worth $700,000 the next? And then those interest only loans.
It goes to show me that humans never really change. They want the biggest and the best with none of the consequences. Those of us who do save are messed over when their poo poo hits the fan.
I am put in the position of hitting the ground running. We are so close to retirement. Now, I am not so sure. UG!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Lunch was revealing today. Sitting with one of my students I learned how he did most of the chores of the house so his mother could work. He took on the chores with an attitude of grace way beyond his years. He makes sure brother comes in from the friends for dinner (which he had prepared). While his brother played on the computer (which he checks to make sure he is on child safe sights), he does the laundry and then the dishes. He is careful to make sure all the toys are put away before he goes to bed, so his mother will find comfort in a clean house. Here is a twelve year old with all of the softness of a mother- but a boy's/ boy at school. He doesn't have time to read at night, "Mrs B- I am so tired after reading to my brother, I fall asleep." I console him (in a way acceptable for a young man to be consoled)and agree that for now on his "read aloud books" will be checked out by me for him and I will count it as his at home reading grade.
Do not think that he is abandoned at his home. His mother works the swing to make enough money to keep them in a safe house. He loves her for it. It is obvious that she must love him a great deal as well.
I am thankful that God puts these young ones in my path. They need my guidance and caring to become the adults who will lead our world with gusto in the future!

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Do you think the turkeys are comfortable with being hand fed?
Fall in the yard

Friday, November 16, 2007


In the Navajo culture the first smile is celebrated like the actual birth of the child. It is a sign that the world is going to be all right and happiness will be within the tribe.

Nicholas began to smile this week. He seems to love to be content in his swing after hours of being held by his mommy and daddy. I cannot wait to see that smile myself!

The Navajo are correct- a baby's smile does bring great belief that all is right with the world. It is a calming thought and a wonderful way to view the place we all call home.

Monday, November 12, 2007


It has been a year on Wednesday. Can you believe it?
Dad gave me so much- and I took all I could get.
Frank Loyd Wright, Mayan architecture, color splashes, mosaics of the Madonna, swimming, working with the homeless or the house bound or the single mothers without a job, Sedona, Oak Creek, fishing, colorful rustling leaves, the rosary, reading the Mass reading, singing, listening to classical music, travel, big swings, motivation to work on committees to change things, organization of people to do the common good, gentle poetry, soft talking, boisterous clapping, race track attendance, pro games of every sort, volleyball in the front yard, amazing people at the dinner table, politics, caring about the environment, carefree attitude about money (although I am much more thrifty and he was much better about making it), , an eye for a bargain, encouraging artists who were just starting, hiking, cruising to Mexico, skin diving, Hawaii,Hawaii, Hawaii, trying to fit into a family, recognition of a strong leader and a weak one. He, with my mom, helped me write some pretty difficult letters and reach some pretty closed people.
Dad gave me the opportunity to explore my spirituality and did not dwell on the religion when he spoke to me. He made sure that I read the great writers of our shared religion and did some foster care on my spirit though some pretty dark times. He never told me to quit. He pointed to our Lady and reminded me of the deep loneliness of her life when her Son was killed. That was a loneliness that I think he always felt and never knew how to share. He always told me to hang on to my family- no matter what it took- look for the positive (although he knew that was one of his downfalls).
I miss him terribly. I think I will go to Mass on Wednesday morning and say the rosary that I did not get to say at his wake. He always believed that his soul would be stuck in purgatory for a very long time- I guess it is my time to get off my tush and start helping him out of there!

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Fall is amazing on our land. The fields slowly turn from green to brown. The trees go from shade to colorful to bare.
The air is crisp with morning frost.
Another reason to choose Kansas.


Elena on http://www.mydomesticchurch.blogspot.com/ asked how gas prices have affected us. Greatly.
We live about 15 miles from town. Going to town was a daily event, sometimes twice a day. Now we conserve trips, using the smaller car for small outings and the truck only for the hardware/ feed store.
Thinking three or four times before opening the car door has given me a chance to catch my breath and think. Driving used to be a passion for me. It helped my clear my head and gain perspective on whatever was happening. "Free spirit, rule the road" is now being fulfilled by driving with the top down from school instead of around the lake. Fire up the gas hog for a ride doesn't thrill me as much anymore. Instead of the twirl around the lake, the farm's grounds are looking more inviting every day.
We are rarely going to the next city for Mass anymore. It is a 50 mile round trip. The celebration is much more joyful, but the temptation to cruise around to different stores is more than the gas tank can spare. Simple Mass on post has become a mainstay for me.
This Christmas we will drive to see our family in Maryland. It looked so cost efficient four months ago- price of air tickets+ car rental+dog kenneling. Now, not so efficient.
The other thing gas has definitely effected is the price of food. It is astounding how quickly food is rising. Noticing the small things is what our living in Kansas has produced for us.... Sometimes noticing them makes me wince.
Simplicity is the word used around here a great deal these days. It is why we moved to Kansas. Gas is causing us to really get into it!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Fun things to play with

One of my On line friends is wonderful about researching great sites to play on. Here are two she recently found:
Are You Living The Wrong Life?
I am 22% off track (it must be my lack of hobbies....)

This one kept me humming along.

And the days grow shorter

Scott now spends his many hours caring for the land and the house. He is SO content in that. Life is good for him as he gets on his John Deere knock off and cruises around the fields to trim down one more tree. Today he is filling in cracks in the driveway. The turkeys follow him around waiting for a hand out.

I don't know many people who would enjoy such an adventure.

Fall is here. So awe taking. Even from my classroom window the leaves are inspiring. What God does to the landscape.

I remember my dad telling me that he thought God had a paint pallet in heaven and played with the orange and reds in the fall.

The colors I remember so well were always in Oak Creek Canyon. Maybe that is why I am so fond of Kansas. Quite, rain, streams, trees that turn colors.

hose times are the closest to my spiritual center as anything else that I can think of in my youth.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Crystal clear

We talked a bit today about moving. Maybe somewhere else the taxes are cheaper, the coast is closer, and the tornados do not threaten. Then we both looked out the window at the trees, turkeys and barn. There was a collective sigh. How could we leave this place? I have never been more peaceful. I have never felt such comfort in a place. Even the deer seem to feel free to hang out with the turkeys here (now, no calling me a turkey!)

Sky Blue- remember? Sky Blue - it is Kansas.

So, we are off to the Farm and Feed store for a midnight madness sale. What shall I buy? New potting soil for the spring, a bucket to feed the turkeys? I am really the same girl who wanted a big diamond from her guy when she was just 17?
Maybe- except the diamond I now want is the one that will keep the pictures of my family clear as Scott and I grow old together - here - in Kansas.