Monday, November 12, 2007


It has been a year on Wednesday. Can you believe it?
Dad gave me so much- and I took all I could get.
Frank Loyd Wright, Mayan architecture, color splashes, mosaics of the Madonna, swimming, working with the homeless or the house bound or the single mothers without a job, Sedona, Oak Creek, fishing, colorful rustling leaves, the rosary, reading the Mass reading, singing, listening to classical music, travel, big swings, motivation to work on committees to change things, organization of people to do the common good, gentle poetry, soft talking, boisterous clapping, race track attendance, pro games of every sort, volleyball in the front yard, amazing people at the dinner table, politics, caring about the environment, carefree attitude about money (although I am much more thrifty and he was much better about making it), , an eye for a bargain, encouraging artists who were just starting, hiking, cruising to Mexico, skin diving, Hawaii,Hawaii, Hawaii, trying to fit into a family, recognition of a strong leader and a weak one. He, with my mom, helped me write some pretty difficult letters and reach some pretty closed people.
Dad gave me the opportunity to explore my spirituality and did not dwell on the religion when he spoke to me. He made sure that I read the great writers of our shared religion and did some foster care on my spirit though some pretty dark times. He never told me to quit. He pointed to our Lady and reminded me of the deep loneliness of her life when her Son was killed. That was a loneliness that I think he always felt and never knew how to share. He always told me to hang on to my family- no matter what it took- look for the positive (although he knew that was one of his downfalls).
I miss him terribly. I think I will go to Mass on Wednesday morning and say the rosary that I did not get to say at his wake. He always believed that his soul would be stuck in purgatory for a very long time- I guess it is my time to get off my tush and start helping him out of there!


Renee in Garmisch Germany said...

what a wonderful tribute to your dad. Thanks for sharing.

Teresa said...

What a wonderful tribute to your dad. He sounds like he was an awesome man. I will say a rosary for him to, and help with the push out of purgatory!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Janette. Your dad must have been a wonderful man.