Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hitting the ground running

The last few weeks of stock market crashing has put me in a bit of a tizzy. I am so upset at the people who took out stupid loans I could spit. How could anyone think that a house that was worth $250,000 one day- be worth $700,000 the next? And then those interest only loans.
It goes to show me that humans never really change. They want the biggest and the best with none of the consequences. Those of us who do save are messed over when their poo poo hits the fan.
I am put in the position of hitting the ground running. We are so close to retirement. Now, I am not so sure. UG!


Teresa said...

I am right there with you Janette!

RAnn said...

I've read that most of the people with those sub-prime loans that have been forclosed on were investors, not homeowners. As to how they could expect prices to go up--well they were, for a while. I don't feel real sorry for that bunch; the ones I feel sorry for are those who bought modest homes and now can't afford to keep them.