Sunday, November 11, 2007


Elena on asked how gas prices have affected us. Greatly.
We live about 15 miles from town. Going to town was a daily event, sometimes twice a day. Now we conserve trips, using the smaller car for small outings and the truck only for the hardware/ feed store.
Thinking three or four times before opening the car door has given me a chance to catch my breath and think. Driving used to be a passion for me. It helped my clear my head and gain perspective on whatever was happening. "Free spirit, rule the road" is now being fulfilled by driving with the top down from school instead of around the lake. Fire up the gas hog for a ride doesn't thrill me as much anymore. Instead of the twirl around the lake, the farm's grounds are looking more inviting every day.
We are rarely going to the next city for Mass anymore. It is a 50 mile round trip. The celebration is much more joyful, but the temptation to cruise around to different stores is more than the gas tank can spare. Simple Mass on post has become a mainstay for me.
This Christmas we will drive to see our family in Maryland. It looked so cost efficient four months ago- price of air tickets+ car rental+dog kenneling. Now, not so efficient.
The other thing gas has definitely effected is the price of food. It is astounding how quickly food is rising. Noticing the small things is what our living in Kansas has produced for us.... Sometimes noticing them makes me wince.
Simplicity is the word used around here a great deal these days. It is why we moved to Kansas. Gas is causing us to really get into it!


Teresa said...

Right there with you on gas prices Janette! My job is only 7 minutes from my home, and only 1 stop light, so that isn't too bad. DH works from home, so between us we only fill the tank every 10 days or so. It is the kids that are killing us. I had to have a chat with dd the other day. She wanted to fill her tank for the 2nd time in a week. Ds isn't so bad, but he has a dirt bike that he takes out 3-4 times a week.Lots of extra chores for these two!

Michelle said...

We're definitely feeling the pinch of the gas prices. Thankfully most things aren't too terribly far away but it still adds up. We haven't been attending mass everyday because that adds up to a tank a week in our big van (almost $60) to fill it up.