Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Lunch was revealing today. Sitting with one of my students I learned how he did most of the chores of the house so his mother could work. He took on the chores with an attitude of grace way beyond his years. He makes sure brother comes in from the friends for dinner (which he had prepared). While his brother played on the computer (which he checks to make sure he is on child safe sights), he does the laundry and then the dishes. He is careful to make sure all the toys are put away before he goes to bed, so his mother will find comfort in a clean house. Here is a twelve year old with all of the softness of a mother- but a boy's/ boy at school. He doesn't have time to read at night, "Mrs B- I am so tired after reading to my brother, I fall asleep." I console him (in a way acceptable for a young man to be consoled)and agree that for now on his "read aloud books" will be checked out by me for him and I will count it as his at home reading grade.
Do not think that he is abandoned at his home. His mother works the swing to make enough money to keep them in a safe house. He loves her for it. It is obvious that she must love him a great deal as well.
I am thankful that God puts these young ones in my path. They need my guidance and caring to become the adults who will lead our world with gusto in the future!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful story, Janette. I feel proud of this boy and I don't even know him. What a great kid.

Renee in Garmisch Germany said...

Remember when you wanted a different assignment this year? Well our Lord knew that this was where you were needed; you are making a difference in these children's lives.

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