Saturday, November 03, 2007

Crystal clear

We talked a bit today about moving. Maybe somewhere else the taxes are cheaper, the coast is closer, and the tornados do not threaten. Then we both looked out the window at the trees, turkeys and barn. There was a collective sigh. How could we leave this place? I have never been more peaceful. I have never felt such comfort in a place. Even the deer seem to feel free to hang out with the turkeys here (now, no calling me a turkey!)

Sky Blue- remember? Sky Blue - it is Kansas.

So, we are off to the Farm and Feed store for a midnight madness sale. What shall I buy? New potting soil for the spring, a bucket to feed the turkeys? I am really the same girl who wanted a big diamond from her guy when she was just 17?
Maybe- except the diamond I now want is the one that will keep the pictures of my family clear as Scott and I grow old together - here - in Kansas.

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roz said...

Lovely photos, Janette! It sounds heavenly where you are :)