Thursday, December 20, 2007


Tomorrow we leave the hurried site of school and head East for visiting. I am really looking forward to seeing the Gash family- all three members have their own place in my heart. James will meet us there- ready to play video games with his brother in law and later become the godparent for the baby.
I am ready for the drive as well as the visit. I love to see the US. There is no place like it on the earth. The drive should be calm and relaxing. Scott takes the countryside part and I the cities. He is better at avoiding animals (although he IS the one who hit an elk) and I love busy traffic in the big cities. Really, we are a good team.
Why does the song "The weather outside is frightful. The fire is so delightful. And if you've no place to go. Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow." keep going through my head?

Friday, December 14, 2007

Baby and the new best friend!

The Ice Storm Commeth!

We survived the ice storm of 2007. Knowing that we could live without power for three days makes us know that we would not like to live without it for three months!
I learned a great deal.
1) No matter how much you think you would like wood to heat- it dries everything out AND leaves soot- everywhere.
2) Always have some cash. It was amazing that banks and stores could not function. The smart stores opened with flashlight laden service and accepted cash for amounts calculated with pencil and paper.
3) Have a few days worth of paper products stashed somewhere in your house. Paper burns. No hot water means for very cold dishwashing.
4) Keep your cars full of gas when a storm is coming. Gas pumps also work on electricity.
5) Think outside of the box. Our rural water manager asked the fire department to use their pumps to pump the water into the flow tank for the area. Definitely outside of the box!
6) Keep one of the "old fashioned" phones. Portables do not work without electricity. Cell phones need a back up.
7) Always keep a good book on hand to read and a head lamp flashlight!
8) Have a battery powered radio somewhere (with batteries in it).
9) Meet your neighbors- even if they are grumpy!
10) Look into alternative energy- REALLY. Quit talking and begin doing!
The last thing is what I will be devoting some blog time to in the near future.

Monday, December 10, 2007


My daughter talked about a friend who shared homeschooling of her son with her mother. I would LOVE that. I would give almost anything to be able to share with my grandchildren all of the marvelous things that homeschooling could open for them. At the same time I feel very certain that regular classrooms are important part of socialization in the US today. I did all things with my two- private, Catholic, home and public schools. The private overseas schools were the best. The kids were young and the influence of the huge money flow did not impact anything except the quality of teachers they were able to access. The second best was actually their high school- but I think that because their base was good AND I knew what would be expected in college- I could keep things in line.
And my grandchild? There will always be summers on the farm- paints and wood and tree houses. If his schooling is not sufficient where they are at- I will seriously consider moving where they are and helping to school (even if it is "after school school"). Our time is all about our children and now our children in law and grandchild(ren).
I already miss them all- and wish they lived MUCH closer- but they are better for living away and establishing their lives before they someday return home- to Kansas.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

How do you turn the outside world off?

My grandson turned 9 weeks old yesterday. My daughter is slowly gaining confidence in being an at home mom. She is fantastic at it. I can hear the confidence in her voice that she is doing everything she can for her little boy and husband. She is exploring the possibilities of representing some nursing bras and baby wraps on her blog to bring in some extra income to a very tightly run house.

The outside world I would like to turn off is in my head. I worry constantly that she is getting behind the eight ball. She needs to take classes. She needs to use her skills and classification, before they all disappear.

Do they really disappear?

Then I look at my nephews. They are older and just living life day by day. They do not have a family to support- so they simply have fun. That is fine- but why isn't it fine for my daughter to do the same thing? Yes, they have 'finished school', but are they working in professions that they will do the rest of their lives?

So, my mantra this week will be "lay off". Her time will come to more fully explore her adult mind and expand her educational world. Right now, it is her time with the baby that is the most important. This is really what I did pray for her- to find a man who loves her and she loves and has a loving family.

Boy, that is difficult to say!