Monday, December 10, 2007


My daughter talked about a friend who shared homeschooling of her son with her mother. I would LOVE that. I would give almost anything to be able to share with my grandchildren all of the marvelous things that homeschooling could open for them. At the same time I feel very certain that regular classrooms are important part of socialization in the US today. I did all things with my two- private, Catholic, home and public schools. The private overseas schools were the best. The kids were young and the influence of the huge money flow did not impact anything except the quality of teachers they were able to access. The second best was actually their high school- but I think that because their base was good AND I knew what would be expected in college- I could keep things in line.
And my grandchild? There will always be summers on the farm- paints and wood and tree houses. If his schooling is not sufficient where they are at- I will seriously consider moving where they are and helping to school (even if it is "after school school"). Our time is all about our children and now our children in law and grandchild(ren).
I already miss them all- and wish they lived MUCH closer- but they are better for living away and establishing their lives before they someday return home- to Kansas.


roz said...

Summers in Kansas for a little boy sound wonderful! I have great memories of summers in Wales with my grandparents - I think that is when you really get to know one another.

Michelle said...

Summers on a farm sound heavenly especially for little children. Your children & grandchildren (those yet to come too) are so blessed to have you involved and interested in their lives.