Sunday, December 02, 2007

How do you turn the outside world off?

My grandson turned 9 weeks old yesterday. My daughter is slowly gaining confidence in being an at home mom. She is fantastic at it. I can hear the confidence in her voice that she is doing everything she can for her little boy and husband. She is exploring the possibilities of representing some nursing bras and baby wraps on her blog to bring in some extra income to a very tightly run house.

The outside world I would like to turn off is in my head. I worry constantly that she is getting behind the eight ball. She needs to take classes. She needs to use her skills and classification, before they all disappear.

Do they really disappear?

Then I look at my nephews. They are older and just living life day by day. They do not have a family to support- so they simply have fun. That is fine- but why isn't it fine for my daughter to do the same thing? Yes, they have 'finished school', but are they working in professions that they will do the rest of their lives?

So, my mantra this week will be "lay off". Her time will come to more fully explore her adult mind and expand her educational world. Right now, it is her time with the baby that is the most important. This is really what I did pray for her- to find a man who loves her and she loves and has a loving family.

Boy, that is difficult to say!


Anonymous said...

Janette, I think my parents had a hard time when our children started coming and I stayed at home with them. On one hand, they firmly believe that someone should be home full-time with babies especially, but on the other hand, I had just graduated from college with a degree in special education. I stayed at home 19 + years with my kids. I have never,ever regretted it, even though we had to do without many, many times. Now that I am working, I am not working in Spec Ed, but in Catholic retail. I don't regret that either. This may not be what I trained to do for 4 years in college, but it is what God wants me to do, so I am doing it. The way I look at it, we have no money (and probably never will), but I have irreplaceable relationships with my children, who are my treasures, and I feel that I am doing God's will now by almost working for peanuts in a Catholic store. It's not what I thought I would be doing with my life, but hey, my life is God's anyway, so I'm ok with it. Life lasts a long time, babies don't. Your dd can catch up with her career (if she wants to) when her child(ren) are older.

Janette said...

So true Carrie. The difficult part for me is that I always hoped that she would marry younger - so she would not feel as much pressure to continue to press for the dollar. Now I got what I asked for (which I have about 90% of the time) and the world outside of me is pressing anyway. Her blog today says it all:>)