Friday, December 14, 2007

The Ice Storm Commeth!

We survived the ice storm of 2007. Knowing that we could live without power for three days makes us know that we would not like to live without it for three months!
I learned a great deal.
1) No matter how much you think you would like wood to heat- it dries everything out AND leaves soot- everywhere.
2) Always have some cash. It was amazing that banks and stores could not function. The smart stores opened with flashlight laden service and accepted cash for amounts calculated with pencil and paper.
3) Have a few days worth of paper products stashed somewhere in your house. Paper burns. No hot water means for very cold dishwashing.
4) Keep your cars full of gas when a storm is coming. Gas pumps also work on electricity.
5) Think outside of the box. Our rural water manager asked the fire department to use their pumps to pump the water into the flow tank for the area. Definitely outside of the box!
6) Keep one of the "old fashioned" phones. Portables do not work without electricity. Cell phones need a back up.
7) Always keep a good book on hand to read and a head lamp flashlight!
8) Have a battery powered radio somewhere (with batteries in it).
9) Meet your neighbors- even if they are grumpy!
10) Look into alternative energy- REALLY. Quit talking and begin doing!
The last thing is what I will be devoting some blog time to in the near future.


Anonymous said...

It's so beautiful.

Michelle said...

So glad you got your power back.

All good tips to remember!

Michelle said...
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