Friday, January 11, 2008

Language of God

I finished listening to Language of God today- as I drove to pick up my husband from the hospital. Deep and intellectual, this book gives real insight as to how a known atheist scientist comes to believe in God. He was the head of the human genome project- and renowned for his research. I do not know where to begin about this book- except to say that it is a profound work that should be read by all of us who strive to defend our faith. It was much easier to listen to (I got my copy at Cracker Barrel) than read (my son gave me a copy and I made it through the first five pages before I felt totally overwhelmed scientifically) The author made many arguements that I have heard in the past- but could not refute. It totally made sense to me. Although he is not Catholic, he mentions JPII several times and refers to his letters on evoluntion vs creationism. I cannot tell you more- it is all still swimming in my head. A definate read!


gashling said...

I'll have to see if it is at a local library to listen to... since reading in my spare time means locking myself in the bathroom for 15 mins to take a bath :D Love you!

Janette said...

That library just off post is really beautiful. You might check an inter library loan!