Sunday, January 20, 2008

Some of my favorite blogs

I have some favorite spots that I frequent. Sharing them might bring you some of the joy that that they bring me!
My favorite photo sites are: Like Merchant Ships (love her links as well)
andMorningRamble. Although these two are growing on me as well:desert native II and The Heart of Harmony.
My favorite book sites are:This That and the Other Thing and My Garden in Garmisch (although I love just keeping up with their families-like I do withThe Gashlings or A day in the life.... orQuite The Normal Life . )
Time to think- or argue:>) My Domestic Church
Or just be inspired Dei Gratia, By the Grace of God!
I get loads of financial speak at the moneygardener
I am looking for some good political (analytical) blogs....all that I read is just stuff people put out against who they do not like.
There are many more - too many to list.
Blogs are an entirely different "newspaper".
My mom used to read the newspaper for hours- and I find myself doing that with blogs.


Anonymous said...

good job on the links! love the photos on morningramble. thanks for sharing :) - big sis

RAnn said...

Thanks for the compliment!

n. said...

I've become a fan of Merchant Ships since you posted about it! I'm late to the blogging bandwagon, but I too could just read blogs like newspapers!

MG said...

thanks for the link!