Friday, January 25, 2008

That WAS my house-and my life

I had to chuckle that I could not find a picture of us in front of our current house- so I put in a picture of the house that we sold to move to Kansas. Yes, it was a dream house- on a dream piece of land, in a dream spot. The only bad thing was that the city was a nightmare for us.We were out of step with the rising monied people and the aggressive personalities that seem to present themselves daily. We found ourselves struggling with something we had never ventured into before- keeping up with the Jones.

So when I was gone on a sales trip, my husband started to clean out the house. He basically moved to Kansas and told me where our new house was located in a matter of months. I found that the ONLY thing that I hated about the move was that I was far away from my family. Other than that- Kansas is the place to be called home. I don't seem to have a picture of the front of the house right now- but here is the barn!

Of course now- while I wait for a call from my husband's hospital- I wonder why I would have ever left the security of huge city medicine (Phoenix).

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