Saturday, February 02, 2008

Step One

Getting my financial house in order is the first step in being frugal. How do you do that?
I love the inspiration of Frank Llyod Wright - simple - but off for the simple- but complex way of looking at things.

For the last few years I have been a hawk on our monthly budget. I know that our downfall is spending for travel and kiddos...but those are all right. They just have to fit the budget. We went from two incomes and one pension to one income and one pension pretty easily (which makes me ill to think how much we spent in the time of two larger incomes and one pension). Past is past- move on.

Second is charting our investments. I have been doning this for the last 18 months. Actually charting them - and recharting every month- makes us save even more (if that seems possible).

Third is our pantry. I have learned what we do and do not use in our pantry. I also learned a valuable lesson during the ice storm "week without power" what we really need. Why buy "basics" that we will never use. Out goes the huge bags of flour. Energy is more expensive than doing something different in a storm or any other thing that will keep us from the store for a week or more (including a gas tank that costs $50. to fill).

Four is my realization that we need a new/differnt source of energy. My sister began my collection by giving me a solar battery charger. I am seriously looking at solar panels for the roof or something else. Wind power makes sense out here on the prarie.

There are so many aspects of being frugal...I have only just begun!

More thinking tomorrow.

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