Sunday, February 03, 2008


Ruth tagged me first...
A nearby book
Open to p 123
Go to the fifth line
Post the next three lines.

Here goes- Preventing Reading Difficulties in Young Children
When a preschool child's home language is not primarily English, the ease of learning to read printed in English is likely to be inpeded to some extent, particularly if reading instruction in English has aquired oral proficiency in English.
OK- since my dh moved the computer into the laundry room- the access to more fun books is limited by lack of corner book shelves!

OK- Your turns!The Gashlings, desert native II

And now for Ms. Judy and little BenHeaven on Earth
Seven weird things about you....
1. I am a political junkie
2. I love to travel- but hate to fly...actually scared of flying and say a "good act of contrition"every time we take off in case it is my last flight.
3. I have great faith- but am weak at the practice of religion.
4. I miss the city things of plays, opera, sports, and shopping- but not enough to ever move back to a city willingly.
5. I may complain about my husband- but I would have a difficult time functioning without him- he is my rock.
6. I feel like I have more to offer the world- but I am content to be here in my house. I am worn out by the weekend and feel like I cannot give if I do not rejuvinate on the couch!
7. One of these days I finally WILL join the Peace Corps.

OK - Ms N. (whose blog I love as well) and everyone who wants to play....Flying by the seat of my pants, My Domestic Church, This That and the Other Thing, My Garden in Garmisch, The Gashlings , A day in the life....
Your turns!

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Anonymous said...

from the book Seasons in the Desert - p.123, 5 lines down, the topic is the tarantula hawk in Autumn...

"They [male tarantula hawk] position themselves in a tree or shrub atop a hill or other vantage point, and scan the desert airspace watching for passing females. (This behavior is comparable to a human male picking a good view of the dance floor.)"