Sunday, March 16, 2008

And the driving begins

I was really looking forward to this spring break. If anything needed a break it was the land. The tree limbs are still down from the ice storm before the first operation. Justifying their placement in a wreck pile was easy since Scott normally does that work. It could wait.
It can no longer wait.
Jen and the baby arrive tomorrow.
My journey begins with a trip to Leavenworth to see Scott in the hospital after his third hip replacement surgery. This is a trip that I dread since seeing my husband in pain is my least favorite thing in the world. My daugher wants to be a nurse- while her mother cannot take on the pain of another.
Monday sees me at the airport for the baby's arrival (oh yes-mommy as well).
Tuesday takes me to the dentist with the baby and mommy.
Wednesday sees me back up to get my husband
Thursday is the hairdresser
Friday back to the airport.
Whew- I am glad I have Spring Break to relax- lol.
The best part will be- we both miss our kids SO much- it will be worth every two hour trip to have our daughter home.
Off to Leavenworth! My own Palm Sunday.

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Renee in Garmisch Germany said...

I am so happy that you'll be seeing your grandbaby (oh yeah and your dd) this week; I know you have missed them so much.
Continued prayers for Scott's recovery