Sunday, March 02, 2008

Long time

How long has it been? Three weeks? It seems like the entire winter!
The rain is moving in and the snow will be back tonight. I have been so grateful for the three days of 50 degree weather that we have had. I needed the sunshine and cool walks. The turkeys were back with a vengeance- sixty in all these days!
The smaller turkeys come in the morning. They are cute and come right up to the door, waiting for me to come out with the corn. After they have their fill they move on and the older toms show up- five in all. They swak a bit and gobble as I come out the door. Next comes the old tom with his harem of thirty or so. He struts in the middle of the group with his feathers out. The hens and chicks peck so loudly, we can hear them eat inside our house! He occasionally drops his feathers to eat- but he is usually on guard. Last come the youngest toms. They always look lost and run up to me to be fed.
The birds are so much like us in our stages of life. There are times we need a large crowd to survive and other times we need just a few friends.
I get so much joy and peace from living here.

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Michelle said...

Janette, where you live sounds amazing. If you have a chance to share photos, I'd love to see them.

I'm so glad you're back!