Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Mess

I would take a picture if I could
The clothes hanger broke and looks like a lop sided fan
Branches are still down in the front yard from the ice storm in January- making the house look un lived in
And Scott is still in the hospital.
I don't know how people do long term illness-but I am not doing it well.
At least Obama is speaking my heart these days......

My heart is against abortion. I have voted that way for years. What, exactly, has that gotten me? Presidents who SAY they care about abortion, but make no attempt to DO anything about it. In the mean time, their friends and neighbors get rich and the poor students I work with only get more poor.
Scott says we are supposed to be more conservative as we get older.
I think we are finally seeing that we are ultimately more liberal and unwilling to play the conservative games anymore.


Anonymous said...

The full text of the speech can be found at:
- Cath


"In fact, a similar anger exists within segments of the white community. Most working- and middle-class white Americans don't feel that they have been particularly privileged by their race. Their experience is the immigrant experience - as far as they're concerned, no one's handed them anything, they've built it from scratch. They've worked hard all their lives, many times only to see their jobs shipped overseas or their pension dumped after a lifetime of labor. They are anxious about their futures, and feel their dreams slipping away; in an era of stagnant wages and global competition, opportunity comes to be seen as a zero sum game, in which your dreams come at my expense. So when they are told to bus their children to a school across town; when they hear that an African American is getting an advantage in landing a good job or a spot in a good college because of an injustice that they themselves never committed; when they're told that their fears about crime in urban neighborhoods are somehow prejudiced, resentment builds over time.

Like the anger within the black community, these resentments aren't always expressed in polite company. But they have helped shape the political landscape for at least a generation. Anger over welfare and affirmative action helped forge the Reagan Coalition. Politicians routinely exploited fears of crime for their own electoral ends. Talk show hosts and conservative commentators built entire careers unmasking bogus claims of racism while dismissing legitimate discussions of racial injustice and inequality as mere political correctness or reverse racism.

Just as black anger often proved counterproductive, so have these white resentments distracted attention from the real culprits of the middle class squeeze - a corporate culture rife with inside dealing, questionable accounting practices, and short-term greed; a Washington dominated by lobbyists and special interests; economic policies that favor the few over the many. And yet, to wish away the resentments of white Americans, to label them as misguided or even racist, without recognizing they are grounded in legitimate concerns - this too widens the racial divide, and blocks the path to understanding."

Patty said...

keeping you in my prayers. Long term illness is emotionally and physically draining on everyone in the family.
We just clean up the downed branches and we get another storm !