Thursday, April 10, 2008


Every year I go though this. It is time to sign a contract for next year. I have such a love/hate relationship with the school. Really, I love to teach. I love what I can do for students. I just want to do it MY way. Why does there have to be other people involved?
And still, I hate to deal with school. Sometimes the people I work with are so dense. What part of "read every part of a test to the student" do you not get? "your student who sat in a group of four and did not have every question read to him failed the tests by two questions....DUH!!!!!!!

And what part of "services will be once a week for 30 minutes" is changeable? You don't really want to work with the student? The parents are not easy to communicate with? They question your techniques (or you are afraid they will). Does it say that those services are optional in the legally binding IEP? Don't think so. And when that child is escalating and needs MORE services- that is the time to be totally unavailable?

This is the first time - ever- I felt physically ill after a confrontation with the social worker who had not seen a child in desperate need for the LAST SIX WEEKS!

I knew that I was walking into a "school of failure". I knew it would be difficult. But, is this worth it? Scott says the kids are worth it. They are. But, kids have survived this terrible system called school for the last 150 years. Why do I have to get so personally involved?


RAnn said...

Why do you have to get so personally involved? Because that's what God is callling you to do. Because someone has to. Because the kids are worth it.

Janette said...

They are- you are right.