Monday, May 19, 2008

Day 7

Day seven found us at the clinic for Scott's staples to be removed. It was a quick trip and I arrived back at school for the second half of the day. I felt pretty bad since Scott knew that we would be charged for the day- I am out of "sick days". Bummer. I hated to miss so much school. When I arrived bback one of my students had gotten himself into major trouble....uggg. I hate missing school.
ON the other side- I may be teaching World History next year. That would be HUGE for me. The pressure of working with the intensity of all of the children I have this year would be off. I would have almost all of the SPED kids next year- but they would not be my major responsibility. My job is posted. I am praying for the change. The feeling that I should teach for at least five more years lays heavily on my mind.....

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Thora said...

keep thinking about change .I took initially one year from my permanent kindergarten teaching job to discover ad studied teaching English as a second language-.I have worked in a cafe/gift store as well as an international college.I am now tutoring one on one some students in literacy and about to do more work in teaching english.I am in my second year off.
Change is good.Start a list of possibilities.I am still working on mine.