Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Day 2008

The flags will fly in the cemetary today.

The garden will be fluttering.

I will drive up to Post to see them

and instead of driving by

I will sit for a bit and think of the newest graves added this year.

Most of the young ones buried in Kansas are not here.

They are buried on family farms and

in small cemetaries next to the only church in town.

Their parents and sibblings will most likely gather

as I do

near the graves

and remember

as I do

that they were willing to serve
at a time when people think of their service as "a job".

And then I will say a prayer,

One I say every day,

For those who are serving still overseas,

And those who will serve in the future.

For one day it may be my own child or my child's friend

in the garden that I drive by.

1 comment:

Dawn said...

Happy Memorial Day (found you thru Morning Ramble's blog).
I am an Army wife myself.
Are you in Ft. Riley? My hubby and I were there from 2000-2004. I used to be in the Army myself...that's how we met. :-)
I loved Junction City because I came to know the Lord there in 2001! Still have many friends there as well.

Anyway enough of me rattling on. Just wanted to come over and give Memorial Day wishes!

God Bless,