Wednesday, June 04, 2008

First day

Today I started with the younger children. I teach extended school year for 2-4th grades. We do a class project of taking pictures and building a book. What did they take pictures of today? The books!
What a crew!

Here one of my "olders" is showing off our daily art project- a beach ball that could be colored!


Patty said...

I did student teaching in the poorest area of Boston one year and in spring I asked them to make little books about spring...expecting to see flowers etc, but instead they had pictures of police helicopters, gun fights etc.
So I think taking pictures of their books was a o.k.

Janette said...

I loved that they took pictures of the book. I could not believe that the books were that engaging. I know the feeling of dread when pictures of doom are drawn by children. My heart goes out to those families. My students are children of soldiers.
Yesterday a young red head was practically dragged in by mom who announced that he HATED new people. Today that same 7 year old sat on the "teaching chair" and read "Lill and the Hill" to all ten of us.
I do LOVE to teach!