Friday, June 13, 2008

Tim Russert

What a shock!
I actually plan on which Mass to attend around Meet the Press.
Who will they get to replace Tim Russert?
Tim was a expert interviewer-who could catch someone in a lie in an instant. Scott and I have been worried about him as of late. He has looked a bit ragged....we were assuming it was the party of having his son graduate from BC.
I will say a special prayer for Tim tonight. Sunday will not be the same!


Ernestine said...

Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my new blog.
I can see we have a number of things in common. Differance I am down the road probably 10 years.
Would love to correspond with you.
Could not find an email. mine is
I agree so about Tim. I surely admired him. It is sad.
You are having so much going on in your part of the country and your life. Mine a busy busy past and now it is just being content where I am on this journey and also what is my next project.
Blessings to you

Janette said...

Ernestine- travel takes hold tomorrow and we will gone for the week. I need help with my garden- so I will be in touch soon!