Saturday, July 12, 2008

Do you love where you live?

Every morning I attempt to sit on the front garden wall and breath in what God has provided me. On the other side of the country my sister sits in her desert garden almost every evening. Calm takes over and the sense that today is wonderful settles in. I feel the Kansas wind rustling the oak trees and see the deer chase each other in the field. She describes the warmth of the last sun on her face and watches the small chuckwalla do push ups around her mesquite tree.
Our small family has lived in so many places. Most have been enjoyed with a sense of "enjoy it while you can". Putting together a powerpoint for my new students makes me look even closer at the places we have resided. Wuerzburg, DC, Indianapolis, Fort Riley, Monterey, Honolulu, Puk Fu Lum, Riyadh, Flagstaff. All have given their own sense of place. None have provided a safe haven like where I now live. Loving where you live must be an essential to life.


Teresa said...

I do love where I live. Even when we have 28 straight days of temps above 105!

cath said...

ahhh, aren't we lucky?


Lib said...

I Love where we Live.We are 5th gen. of Homesteaders, and Love every min. of it.;o)
Have agreat wk.end!

Anonymous said...

I love where I live even though most people find the flat lands rather boring. I love to see the changes in the fields when we drive out in the country - the corn has been planted, it's up, it's really tall, look how brown and dry it is, etc. I love the sunsets and sunrises. I love seeing the thunderstorms move this way. I love the changing seasons, even though I don't like the summer heat so well and I am beginning to not like winter's cold either.