Monday, July 14, 2008

In His hands

There are lots of things I just trust God in. I am pretty good at it- and really worry very little. Since my father passed away- I am even better at it. Still, Wednesday makes me nervous. My son in law will have a final surgery on his knee. The result of the surgery will probably form the rest of their lives.
No, it is not a dangerous surgery. It is simply to repair a knee that has been torn with football injuries and rucksack falls.
The surgery will determine if he stays in the military or gets out. If he gets out, what will he do? Go to university? They will have two years to decide.
Wondering, not worry, is what I am doing. There are so many good choices. Their possibilities are endless since they are both intelligent and loving people.
Still- there is that nagging feeling.
Tomorrow, leaving on the shuttle to pick up their car in Phoenix, my thoughts will be with the small family. They are the future. They are a large part of what is good in our lives. Turning it all over to His hands...that is what my dad would want me to do.

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Michelle said...

I'm praying today for your son in law, Janette.