Monday, July 14, 2008

My neighbors

Caden and Flash moved in to our upper pasture about three weeks ago. My fear of those large animals is beginning to fade. These two are older and have a great deal of personality. Driving up in the car to get the mail is now a treat(since they come to the fence immediately to see if I brought them anything). The two did not know each other until they moved in together. Now they seem BFF.
Another dimension of our lives. Giving a place for the neighborhood pre teens to hang out. I wonder if our fake deer will be tipped on their heads again this Halloween- lol.


Michelle said...

Aren't you the lucky one! Matthew really misses visiting the stables now that Kaila doesn't ride anymore. That was a HUGE highlight of our week--petting and feeding the horses.

Kaila said...

Those horses are beautiful! I miss seeing horses when I went to the stables :-( They are such graceful animals.