Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New Year

The year has begun in my mind. My class list is sitting in front of me and my first bulliten board is up. Already,I have three students who are sibblings of some of my most challenging students of the past. The panic , yesterday, was high. Reading MorningRamble helped. My calling is not to serve the masses. Tried that a few years ago and it simply pulled me away from my family. My calling is to find the few, and bring them closer to who God expects them to be.

Public school teachers are not allowed to mention God in our classrooms- not when speaking specifically about our personal religion. Instead, we have the greater challenge of showing God through our actions without giving Him credit. Several of us pray daily, before class begins. My thought is that this year will be an important year of prayer (looking at my list). Then we are off to our classrooms- guiding, leading, following, developing children into informed citizens who feel the sense of worth. They need to feel safe and cared for. When they have this sense, then they will be able to more freely discover God on their own. Hopefully, they will use what they learned from our team as a small example for their road of discovery.

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