Thursday, July 03, 2008


My son is becoming so independent. OK- he has been independent for a very long time. I packed him off to West Point five years ago. That is so difficult to believe. I just left him there. He did not know anyone! He was alone and had to make his way. He did it-but it wasn't easy. I look at him now and think- how could I have done that to such a young man?
The result is heart warming. He is a strong Catholic man- committe to God and country. He and my dh discuss hanging things on the wall (tvs). And still he discusses with me matters of the heart and mind- where he projects to be and how he desires life long love....
Sons are always dear to a mother's heart. So are daughters. Funny that my daughter and I have the practical conversations and she and dad have the heart and mind ones....
God did put Scott and I together for a purpose. We are slowly seeing it through the adult generation we love so dearly.


cath said...


love you

Meredith said...

Now that's an inspiring story!

I know my son is only six, but I look at him and try to think about what it will be like to send him off on his own.

Maybe to West Point, too? That's where my husband went.