Thursday, August 07, 2008

Computer websites are amazing

If you haven't played with Google Earth I highly recommend it. I am having my students "fly" to where they went this summer and pinpoint it. Then they need to give me the longitude and latitude. My sister just put me on which will also give you the longitude and latitude- along with the weather. (Which makes for a great connection of "Why do we learn this stuff?)
I also found a place to introduce my prehistory art:

I can tell- this is going to be a different year. Having technology so close at hand makes the learning so real. I cannot believe we went the last two years with only "reading" from the computer.
My bookmarks are going like weeds. I need to create folders!

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cath said...

wow - you are right - love the art site! how fun is the net?!? nettie ;)in