Sunday, August 24, 2008

Somebody has to work

There is an ongoing struggle in my mind. I grew up with my dad going to work and my mom doing the house things. Later- my dad went to work and my mom played tennis. Later still my dad went to work and my mom did other things. Then last- my dad did poetry and my mom stayed home.
Fast forward to today. I would LOVE for my husband to decide that he should be the one to work. He has three degrees and has the potential of making LOTS of money. He would rather stay home and do the house. He is good at it.
That leaves me to work. Sure, we can be paupers- but that is not an option on my table. My son now makes more than me. Is that a surprise? I am a teacher - he is a 23 year old 2nd LT in the Army. Come to think of it my SIL almost makes more than me...he is an E-4 Marine!
It is frustrating to work as hard as I do and make so little. Basically, if I were the only bread winner, we would be close to poverty. We certainly would not be struggling with the concept of how many houses we have.
Yes, I can make more money selling books to school districts. Heck, I could make more just in servicing books to school districts- but who would teach?
I wish I did not have to work. I love to teach- but hate to work. Is that crazy or what?
Off to school. There are papers to grade and new websites to explore. The students come back tomorrow and I have to be ready!
Students on a "dig" in beginning archaeology.


Anonymous said...

Janette, my 24 YO son makes more than my husband who has been teaching for 25 years. Something is wrong there,but I have to keep reminding myself (and hoping that I'm right) that education and in our case, Catholic education, has rewards that are far beyond money.

Janette said...

Actually, I love my vocation- it just gripes me that the society thinks so little of it. I just saw a woman who just got laid off of an assembly line at GM. She was really sad and thinking now she might go back and get a degree. She was making $150,000.!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh well, I still love to teach and am not happy doing much else.