Sunday, August 10, 2008


I withdrew from the market six months ago. I am not sure where it is going to go- but I am thinking of putting my toe back in. Still unwilling to get into it fully- because of the housing market- but with oil coming down some of the things I worried about will ease. The need to increase taxes quickly because we have to get kids to school (buses suck gas), the need to give younger workers lots more money because diapers are skyrocketing, and the movement into town from the farms because no one can afford to harvest (which drives our food up).
My investments will be on the future look. Remembering there were more children born last year in the US than ever recorded. More than half of those children are second or third generation Hispanic. That means private education, solar/wind energy, children products (still looking for something I can support there).
My new source for information will be my son and daughter. What are they using? Where are they shopping? One is 22 and single- the other is 24, married and has a baby. They are the future- what are they into? That is how I made some money in the past- looking at the 20ish kiddos. It might be their parents of grandparents supplying the money- but they are doing the buying.

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